JESPY, Saint Barnabas Covid-19 Testing a Success

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From JESPY House:

Maintaining the health and well-being of clients has always been a top priority at JESPY. This has been especially true during the current Coronavirus pandemic. To that end, JESPY recently held an onsite Covid-19 testing in conjunction with Saint Barnabas Medical Center Community Health and Outreach Program and Accurate Diagnostic Labs. 

The testing of 70 clients, board members and staff, which took place at JESPY’s Judi House location, was coordinated by JESPY Nurse Pat Taylor, RN. With all of the participants testing negative for Covid-19, the event was undoubtedly a success. 

“JESPY House has been very fortunate in that the screening did not show any positive Covid-19 test results,” said Taylor. “That was greatly due to the constant reminder for everyone to wear their masks when going outdoors and to continue to social distance.”

Taylor also credited the results to the practice of frequently quizzing clients on best practices during this challenging time. JESPY case managers have also played a lead part in enforcing mask wearing and other safety protocols, which include frequent handwashing.

“We would like to extend a hearty word of thanks to the staff at the Saint Barnabas along with Accurate Diagnostic Labs who did a wonderful job in conducting the coronavirus testing,” Taylor added. “Special thanks also go to Margie Heller, VP of Community Health & Global Strategic Partnerships, and Dr. Ernani Sadural, Director of Global Health.”

“JESPY and Saint Barnabas enjoy a long-standing relationship,” commented Audrey Winkler, JESPY’s executive director, “but this scheduled day of testing, with Saint Barnabas onsite, truly demonstrated what an incredible partnership we have with Saint Barnabas Medical Center, and the care and the concern they have for our special community.”   

JESPY House supports 260 clients with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities between the ages of 18 and 73. To learn more, visit


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