Maplewood Leadership Initiative Brings Innovative Pricing to Personal Development

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A full house at the MLDI January 2016 event at The Woodland

A full house at the MLDI January 2016 event at The Woodland


The Maplewood Leadership Development Initiative (MLDI), led by John Harvey, Maplewood resident and owner of T2Partners LLC, is a series of individual learning events to support “meaningful change in the world.”

Each event features a guest speaker with a expertise on topics that are relevant to both work and personal life.

The series also seeks to “democratize” events through pricing — as well as support local charities with its proceeds.

Regarding pricing, participants self-select fees from $250 all the way down to doing a good deed in exchange for attendance. At the inaugural event in January, 64 people attended. Approximately one-third selected full price, one-third somewhere in between ($150-$25) and one-third promised a good deed.

MLDI promises to always do a good deed as well and any proceeds received from the event are split between two beneficiaries. In January, Rugby NJ and Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry each received $500. The beneficiaries for upcoming the April 15 event are Morrow Memorial’s Sierra Leone Partnership and Glassroots in Newark, NJ.

On April 15 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., MLDI will present Dr. Mike Morrison, former head of Toyota University, and author of many books on personal leadership. Some of the companies Morrison has worked with are Toyota, Nike, Juniper, Gallup, Harley Davidson, University of Southern California and Avery Dennison.

For more information or to register, visit Maplewood Leadership Development Initiative and find the 4/15 event on Facebook.  Or email:

The April 15 event will take place at Morrow Memorial Church in Maplewood.

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