S. Mountain Mom Seeks Help in Cancer Fight

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Monet Armenia, mother of two children at South Mountain School, is currently fighting stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. A fund to raise money to allow Armenia to explore alternative treatment options has brought in nearly $40,000 — but more is needed, and time is of the essence.

Here are more details from the fundraising page:

Monet exemplifies what it means to be full of life. She is extremely dedicated to her family and friends, especially to her husband Joe and, most of all, their two sons —Aidan, 9 and Jackson, 7. She is beautiful in every sense of the word; truly genuine, with a sense of giving that is infectious, and a beauty that has lit up this world for the past 42 years and all of ours.

Six years ago, at the age of 36, when her kids were 3 and 1, Monet was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite thinking that she had successfully battled it with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, it metastasized: first to her bones, then her liver and lungs, and now, most recently to her brain and spine. Unfortunately, the numerous lines of hormonal, chemo, and targeted therapies she has tried have not been effective, and she has exhausted all conventional options.

With no remaining hope from traditional therapies, she has been exploring alternative medical options. Through this, she has found renewed hope. The doctors Monet has been speaking to offer a number of options that have worked in the treatment of complex cancer like hers, where conventional medicine has not.

However, these treatments are quite expensive.

Because a few are still in trial phases, or are only approved in other countries (as well as not being covered by insurance), pursuing these options will require a significant financial commitment…Monet wouldn’t be doing this if these treatments didn’t have such a high success rate. Knowing how well these treatments have worked for others, Monet is willing to do whatever it takes to continue her fight.

To donate, visit the page or to donate directly, send checks to:

Monet Armenia
P.O. Box 286783
New York, NY 10128


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