Clarke: Smith Is Committed to Improving School System and Individual Students’ Experience

Donna Smith

To the Editor,

I am writing to urge my fellow South Orange and Maplewood residents to vote for Donna Smith for Board of Education on November 7.

I’ve come to know Donna in the past few years as a thoughtful, reasonable, woman of conviction who is able to work productively with others while maintaining her own vision. Donna’s years of activity on the PTA and HSA prior to being elected to the Board of Education show her long-term interest and commitment to improving both the school system and the individual student’s experience with in it.

As the parent of three children who went through the school system and a 27-year South Orange resident, Donna is able to appreciate the experience of both the student and the taxpayer. Her advocacy of both the Access & Equity Policy, which allows students more freedom to choose their courses, and zero-based budgeting, which builds a budget from scratch rather than history, demonstrate her commitment to both student and taxpayer.

During her time on the BOE, Donna has served many roles including Chair of the Community Engagement & Outreach Committee, member of the Policy & Monitoring Committee, and member of the Finance, Facilities & Technology Committee. But it is her experience as Chair of the Labor Relations & Personnel Committee that will prove most vital when the next BOE undertakes the very important job of selecting a new superintendent.

I believe Donna Smith deserves another term on the Board of Education to continue the important work she has already undertaken and to accomplish still more. Please be sure to vote on November 7 and re-elect Donna Smith to the Board of Education.


Walter Clarke

South Orange Village Trustee

This is a personal statement Walter does not speak on behalf of the entire Board of Trustees.

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