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Lembrich: McGehee is Key Part of Maplewood’s Next Generation of Leadership

To the Editor:

When I ran for Township Committee last year, it was with the goal of spurring a new generation of leadership in Maplewood that will bring more residents into the process, give them a voice in government, and be more transparent in the way decisions are made and dollars are spent.  Frank McGehee is a key part of this next generation of leadership in Maplewood, and I write to express my full and enthusiastic support for his campaign to be elected to the Maplewood Township Committee.

To me, Frank represents the very best of Maplewood, both what our community is and what we are striving to become.  He shares and lives our progressive values, believes in the power of public engagement and open dialogue, and knows how local government can improve our daily lives.  His seemingly boundless energy and spirit for service make Frank the ideal candidate to serve on the Maplewood Township Committee.

The issues in Frank’s campaign are the interests of Maplewood.  He is dedicated to preserving and respecting our town’s racial, ethnic, economic, and generational diversity.  He is committed to maximizing the safety of our streets and ensuring responsible development on our avenues.  He will fight for fair funding for our schools and explore options for shared services with neighboring communities to help Maplewood maintain quality services while reducing the tax burden on residents.  These are the right issues, and Frank has the right ideas.

Frank McGehee has already proven that he has the skills and dedication to serve our town.  In just the few years that he and his family have lived in Maplewood, Frank has sought every possible opportunity to serve our community, and he has gotten results.  From the fresh perspectives he brings to the Community Coalition on Race as a board member, to his tireless service as a grillmaster and photo day organizer for the Tuscan School PTA, to the financial sense and dynamic vision he provides as a member of the Maplewood Library Foundation, Frank has demonstrated that he has both the skill and the will to dive in and make our community better.  Already a valuable asset to the town, Frank can have an even greater impact on Maplewood as a member of the Township Committee.

Frank is a leader and consensus builder who will rally and unite our community, helping to bridge disagreements and divisions.  After a contentious primary battle last year, many expected that the 2016 election would bring more Democratic division, especially after Committeeman Marlon Brownlee announced his intention not to run for re-election, leaving an open seat on the Township Committee.  Instead, Frank McGehee emerged as the candidate of choice for town and community leaders across the board, winning near unanimous support from the Maplewood Democratic Committee.  This was not the result of some political magic trick, but instead Frank’s clear command of the issues, experience in serving our town, willingness to hear and consider all viewpoints, and a genuine love for Maplewood that is clear to everyone he meets.

Frank’s commitment to serve extends to all parts of Maplewood, both geographic and demographic.  He is an engaged listener who seeks to discover and address the issues that interest and concern residents.  In his campaign, Frank has reached out to people in all corners of Maplewood and will bring their ideas and voices to the governing body.  Regardless of your age, race, religion, income, or address, Frank McGehee will work hard and make a difference for you and for all of Maplewood.

Greg Lembrich
Maplewood Township Committeeman

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