Letter: Cuttle Will Help Create a Supportive, Welcoming School System

To the Editor:

I am a 20-year Maplewood resident and parent to four children in the South Orange Maplewood school district. As a longtime school and community volunteer, I am writing to show my unequivocal support for Shannon Cuttle for the Board of Education.

I have personally worked with Shannon on several boards and committees including The Parenting Center, CHS Senior Fund and CHS food pantry, and have seen Shannon’s commitment to all of our kids firsthand. Shannon has a tireless work ethic to get things done and is enthusiastically devoted to our student body. Shannon contributes to our community on more than one level: on the level of policy, by attending BOE meetings and providing expert information to the BOE as a citizen; and on the level of a community volunteer, doing the daily, grinding work of direct service. For example, Shannon has spent many hours not just organizing the CHS food pantry, but purchasing, bagging and distributing the food.

Shannon is an expert in educational issues, researching real solutions to problems and issues facing our students. The problems our students face often result from adults failing to create the best possible school climate that supports every student. Shannon will advocate for policies that help adults in the system support every student, and hold them accountable for it. Shannon can help us create a school system in which supportive, welcoming leadership starts at the top and filters down to every level.

No one will work harder than Shannon Cuttle as a member of our Board of Education. My sincere hope is that Shannon is elected to fight for the well-being of all of our students. I’ll be voting for Shannon Cuttle on Nov 6th –please join me.

Jane A. Perry

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