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LETTER: Newman Endorses Donna Coallier, Line C for South Orange Village Trustee

To the Editors:

On Tuesday, May 14, I urge all South Orange residents to vote for Donna Coallier to serve our community as Village Trustee. Donna truly is qualified and brings a wealth of professional experience and a strong record of local volunteerism, both of which will benefit our governing body’s work and our Village’s future.

I have had the pleasure of serving with Donna on the South Orange Performing Arts Center’s board of governors, where I have witnessed firsthand her dedication, diligence, thoughtfulness, and can-do spirit.  As a former PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) partner, she has contributed her deep understanding of finance and her professionalism to SOPAC’s Audit Committee.  As an advocate for SOPAC’s continuing success, she has worked to grow SOPAC’s membership.  And, she has contributed her creative spirit to fostering great programming at SOPAC.

Having served as Village President, I understand the challenges our local government routinely encounters and what’s required to get the job done.  And, I appreciate the understanding and commitment to our community, the planning skills, fiscal discipline, and time commitment that’s required for Trustees to contribute and succeed on behalf of their fellow residents.

Donna has what it takes. She’s knowledgeable about our local issues and challenges; she’s solution-oriented; and, she’s ready to give it her all.  And, most important, she is committed to serving residents with the highest ethics, transparency, and focusing on serving the public good.

Please learn more about her and her running mates Summer Jones and Bob Zuckerman at https://www.yourvoiceourvillage.com/.  And, please join me to elect these outstanding candidates for Village Trustee on Tuesday, May 14, by voting for Line C.


Douglas Newman, South Orange Village President, 2007-2011

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