Letter: Trzaska and Cutler are Committed to Full, Open Communication on the BOE

To the Editors:

We are writing to proudly endorse Chris Trzaska and Marian Cutler for the Board of Education. Their no-nonsense style, priorities for the district, and independent thinking make them outstanding choices.

The Trzaska family has been friends for years, as our sons attended school and played baseball together.  We have discussed the widest range of issues with Chris on the side of the field and beyond.  He is a clear thinker with a tough skin.  He digs for the facts, asks every question relentlessly, and has an ability to find solutions to complex, thorny issues.  These qualities, combined with his strong, professional financial acumen, make him the voice that we want at the table as we face a massive bond issue for improving our schools.

We met Marian more recently and have been impressed with her straightforward approach.  With kids who have gone through our district, and ones still to come, she has the unique combination of personal experience with the district and a stake in the decisions ahead.  The fact that Chris has partnered with her is a strong recommendation for her principles.

Chris and Marian have adopted “Listen. Share. Improve.” as their slogan.  Personally, we have struggled to feel heard by the BOE over the years (especially as neighbors to BOE property), and believe having  Board members who listen to the community is critical.  Chris and Marian are committed to sharing – full, open communication.  Many of us have felt confused and bewildered by Board decisions in recent times.  We endorse Chris and Marian and their pledge for increased communication with the community. And third, improve.  Improving our facilities, closing the achievement gap, and stabilizing the curriculum will not happen without dedicated efforts and approaches.  We particularly believe Chris and Marian’s pledge for an Assistant Superintendent of Performance creates the kind of focus we need to serve all our students.

There are eight candidates for the Board of Education on November 6th.  The choices we make will impact all of us, even those without kids in our schools.  There are big decisions ahead – the bond measure and a new superintendent among them – that will have long term ramifications.  We believe that Chris and Marian bring clear, independent, straightforward thinking to these decisions.

Get informed and please vote!  https://www.trzaskacutler4boe.com/

Susan and Duncan Rogers


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