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April 16 Maplewood COVID-19 Update: 5 New Diagnosed Cases Bring Town Total to 161

April 16, 2020 – An update from Maplewood Mayor Frank McGehee regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus:

Good Evening,

The Maplewood Public Health Division had 5 more cases today bringing our total to 161 COVID-19 coronavirus. Today’s cases ranged from 50 to 95 years of age. (Editor’s note: There were no  Maplewood fatalities reported today; the total number of community members who have succumbed to COVID-19 stands at 9.)

The NJ Department of Health has reported 75,317 confirmed cases in the state of New Jersey which includes 9,084 in Essex County.

If you have received a positive confirmed diagnosis from your healthcare provider but have not heard from our Public Health Division in 24 hours, please call the Public Health Division at (973) 762-8120.

The Public Health Division investigates and works to obtain the recent contact history for all cases, including contacting anyone who has potentially been exposed.

For COVID-19 resources, please visit the Township of Maplewood’s COVID-19 website at:

Protect your first responders – please be transparent when dialing 911

When you dial 911, please be mindful that this results in a response from our firefighters as they are all trained as EMTs. Our firefighters are professionals and take their responsibility of serving our community seriously. Please be transparent if you are calling due to COVID-19. Our firefighters go to great lengths to wear the proper equipment and follow appropriate protocols when interacting with a potential case. When you are not transparent out of fear that we will not respond and then it’s disclosed after the fact that the call relates to COVID-19, this situation can expose them and their families to the virus along with our broader community. In addition, this can impact the  town’s ability to provide our community with essential services. Our firefighters respond to all calls regardless if they are COVID-19-related or not so please be forthcoming about why you are reaching out so that they can prepare accordingly.

We are all in this together.

Mayor Frank

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