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July 7: Essex County Reports 18,945 (-12) Cases of COVID-19; 1,794 (-2) Deaths

From the Essex County Executive’s Office:

Below is the July 7, 2020 report from the Essex County Executive’s Office on the total number of diagnosed coronavirus cases and COVID-19-related deaths as of 9 a.m. today.

Editor’s note: Occasionally Essex County or the State of New Jersey will recategorize where a coronavirus carrier lives, and numbers will go down. There is sometimes a discrepancy between the county reports and reports from municipalities. The most recent reports from Maplewood and South Orange, which you can find on Village Green, are the most accurate counts, as the individual towns are the ones actually investigating reported cases.

Statewide there are 173,033 173,878(+845) cases of COVID-19 and 13,333 13,425 (+92) deaths reported yesterday. Today’s reported cases are pending.

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