Blog: ‘Tis the Season to List and Buy a Home

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Many people are beginning to gear up for the holiday season — hunkering down, planning their festivities, shopping, eating delicious delicacies, taking vacations to ports south of NJ, and even attending favorite sporting events. And then there are those planning to buy a home.

During this time of year, there are some people who will begin a new job in the New Year.  After negotiating a start date after the holidays, their goal is to try and find a home before they begin work and also to beat out January competition of other buyers.

According to Forbes Magazine, January is when company budgets call for more hiring. It is also a time when more listings go on the market.   Those interested in moving during November and December are usually serious about finding a new home by take advantage of work week breaks to attend open houses and private showings.

This is also a great time for sellers serious about listing their homes. With less inventory on the market, those who are considering selling will have a better opportunity to have their offered price matched or even receive multiple offerings. Once January hits, the market will begin to bustle again, inventory will increase, and less demand of a property may occur.

Do not fret if you do not want your home shown throughout the holiday season. You can provide dates to your realtor when you would like your home to be shown, and to your benefit, it will be helpful to get an idea about what buyers are interested in. As well, when a seller’s home is decorated, people connect emotionally, and I have seen buyers meeting and exceeding a seller’s price.

I do caution sellers not to burn scented candles or flowers during the times of open houses or the days you choose to have your home shown. Sometimes scented candles trigger allergies and what could be a beautiful house could be thwarted because of a scent.

If you are a seller seriously considering selling at this time, and even in January, call a Realtor now. Get photos of your home before the snow begins falling. That way, buyers will be able to imagine a landscaped property rather than a snow-covered lawn.

By Robert Northfield, a top real estate expert in the Maplewood, Millburn, South Orange, West Orange areas and surrounding towns at KW Midtown Direct. The Robert Northfield Team is the #1 team at KW Midtown Direct.




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