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UPDATE: Driver Involved in Multiple Accidents on Prospect Street in Maplewood

Prospect & the Crescents, Maplewood, NJ. January 28, 2021. Photo by Daisy Tyler.

One person was transported to St. Barnabas Medical Center with “non-life-threatening” injuries after a driver caused multiple automative accidents on Prospect Street in Maplewood this evening. The driver, who may have been experiencing a “medical issue,” was also sent to Rutger University Hospital for evaluation.

Village Green reached out to Maplewood Police, the Maplewood Fire Department and the South Orange Rescue Squad after receiving multiple reports of motor vehicle accidents on Prospect Avenue shortly after 6 p.m. One community member reported that her husband and daughter were struck by a driver near Parker on Prospect. They were rear-ended and then side-swiped by the driver before he continued south on Prospect; however, they were not seriously injured.

The more serious incident at Prospect and the Crescents (near Prospect Church) resulted in a “mangled” vehicle on a neighborhood lawn that needed to be towed away. South Orange Rescue Squad Captain Sean Cass reports that one person “was evaluated by our crew and transported to St. Barnabas with non-life threatening injuries.”

From Sean Cass, Captain of the South Orange Rescue Squad:

At approximately 18:22, South Orange Rescue Squad was dispatched to a Motor Vehicle Crash on Prospect Street between South Crescent and Courter Avenue [in Maplewood, NJ]. Units from the Maplewood Fire Department who arrived on the scene first determined that multiple vehicles and patients were involved, which prompted a request for South Orange Rescue Squad response. One patient was evaluated by our crew and transported to St. Barnabas with non-life-threatening injuries. Any further questions can be directed to MPD and MFD.

From Maplewood Police Chief Jim DeVaul:

On 1-28-21 at approximately 1819 hrs the Maplewood Police Department received multiple calls of a five-car accident on Prospect St & Courter Avenue. At that time, officers were dispatched to the area and Immediately conducted an investigation into the accident. While on scene, Officer were able to determined that the vehicles involved were traveling southbound on Prospect Street when they were struck.  A further investigation into the accident revealed that motorist #1 (William Dunn III, 58 yoa, of Irvington Township) rear ended the vehicle in front of him on Prospect & Parker Avenue. After striking the vehicle, Mr. Dunn III reversed his vehicle from behind the vehicle that he struck and then began to travel southbound leaving the scene of the crash. While continuing to travel southbound on Prospect St from the scene of the accident, he struck a Maplewood township tree and a crosswalk sign on Prospect & Courter Avenue causing his vehicle to overturn and collide into three additional vehicles.  

It should be noted that the driver who caused the accident along with one of the motorists involved in the accident requested medical attention. As a result, Mr. Dunn III was transported to Rutgers hospital and the other to St Barnabas hospital for minor injuries. It must also be noted that the driver of vehicle did not appear to be under the influence of Alcohol and may have experiencing some sort of medical issue.  

Also, Seton Towing was dispatched to the scene and removed two vehicles due them being inoperable as a result of the accident.  Mr. Dunn III was issued a summons for leaving the scene of the accident and reckless driving.

Photo courtesy of Daisy Tyler

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