Maplewood Community Board on Police Mourns Chief Jimmy DeVaul

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From Maplewood Township:

The Members of the Maplewood Community Board on Police send our deepest condolences to the DeVaul family and the Maplewood Police Department as we all mourn the sudden and unexpected passing of Chief Jimmy DeVaul.

Chief DeVaul was instrumental in the creation and continuation of the Maplewood Community Board on Police. He demonstrated true leadership by putting actual action behind the words of transparency and accountability. He ensured the Board had access to the department and data, and he helped foster our connection with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. The Chief fully supported the social work program and was working with the Board to help educate the community on when to call the police to reduce bias calls. Even at times when the Board and the Chief saw matters differently, the Chief kept an open mind and always engaged in respectful dialogue.

Mayor Vic DeLuca and Police Chief Jim DeVaul

Outside of the work of the Board, Chief DeVaul was a champion of the Maplewood Restorative Justice Program for youth, worked to build a police force that better represents the community it serves, and raised awareness around state level changes required to improve accountability and transparency within local police departments. Above all, Chief DeVaul owned what the department did well and was honest about how the department could better.

As a Board, we will honor Chief DeVaul’s memory, hard work, and dedication to a safe and just community by continuing all the reforms he helped lay the foundation we see today and working with the department he empowered to continue his legacy. Chief, we will miss you, your laugh, and your partnership. Our hearts are heavy without you here.

[Editor’s note: the current members of the CBP are Roberto Reyes, Erin Scherzer, Sarah Rothman, Ayoola Akinnuoye, Blue Chevigny, Kasia Piekarz and Alexis Karteron]

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