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South Orange Police Post Gentle Safety Reminder as CHS Students Wage ‘Senior Assassins’

If you’ve noticed teenagers with super-soakers running through your yard or tearing down sidewalks in Maplewood and South Orange lately, you’ve probably witnessed “Senior Assassins.”

The object of the game is to be the last Columbia High School Senior standing, as your peers try to take you out in a water gun attack. The attack only counts as a hit if it is captured on video. Rules of the game include: no attacks on school property and no car chases.

With teens swarming around houses and running through yards, the game has alarmed some in the community. South Orange Police Sgt. Adrian Acevedo addressed those concerns with advice for the students in a post on Facebook that struck the right balance of seriousness and fun.

From the SOPD:

The South Orange Police Department has been advised that some students from the graduating class of Columbia High School are participating in a “Water Gun Tag” game. The game will take place throughout both Maplewood and South Orange.

While we at the SOPD encourage our youth to have fun and congratulate them on their graduations, their safety, as well as everyone else in our community, is our greatest concern. With that said, please note the following:

  • Water guns should be brightly colored and have a toy-like appearance. 99% of water guns sold today comply with this standard.
  • If you know of a child who wishes to use a water gun which is or has been painted black or silver, discourage them from using.
  • If you know of a child who plans to play, please advise them to not go onto private property. This will result in phone calls to the police.
  • If you know of a child participating, advise them that games should end upon nightfall. Running around in the dark will only get you hurt….and may also result in phone calls to the police.
  • Sgt. Acevedo may or may not be lurking about this weekend with a Super Soaker 9000…good luck.

Again, congratulations to all our graduates. Have fun, think smart and stay safe!

As always, please share this to help spread the word.

Photo courtesy of South Orange Police Sgt. Adrian Acevedo

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