The Maplewood Foundation Kicks Off 2024 Fundraising With $100,000 Matching Gift Challenge

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From The Maplewood Foundation:

The Maplewood Foundation, a community foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life of all Maplewood residents, today began its 2024 fundraising effort by announcing the pledge of an anonymous gift of up to $100,000 that will match all donations through June 30, 2024. 

“The Maplewood Foundation is thrilled to receive an anonymous gift that hopefully will incentivize the generosity of others, enabling pre-July donations – large and small – to go twice as far,” said Fred Profeta, president of the Foundation. “Our organization needs ongoing donations to deliver on our promise of being a sustainable, reliable source of funding for the many non-profits doing vital work in our community. This gift is a great start to our 2024 efforts.” 

South Orange Rescue demonstrating the new personal protective equipment purchased for its water rescue team with the grant money received from The Maplewood Foundation

Launched in 2023, The Maplewood Foundation uses a grant-awarding process to disseminate approximately 5% of its assets each year in support of established Maplewood-focused organizations and aspiring nonprofits. Donations to the Foundation are invested in a fund for a longer-term and wider impact. The more the fund grows each year, the higher the amount that can be disseminated to nonprofits. 

Last year, the Foundation received a net of $1 million in donations and awarded grants totaling $50,000 to seven local non-profit organizations. It already announced plans to give more than that at the end of 2024. 

“Despite our progress, which is exceptional for a young foundation, there’s more demand from the nonprofits than we can currently meet,” said Becky Scheer, the Foundation’s Grants Committee chair, pointing to the more than $200,000 in grant requests received in 2023. “With every dollar donated – and for a short time matched – our organization and town grows stronger for years to come.”

The Maplewood Foundation encourages its donors to continue giving directly to local nonprofits. A gift to the Foundation helps meet the community’s ever-changing needs and ensures Maplewood remains a community that cares about its people. 

To make a donation to The Maplewood Foundation, visit No gift is too large or too small.


The Maplewood Foundation is a 501(c)(3) community foundation dedicated to providing a continuously growing bedrock of financial support to nonprofit organizations benefitting the residents of Maplewood, New Jersey. The organization uses a grant-awarding process to disseminate approximately 5% of its assets each year in support of established and aspiring nonprofits in the following areas: climate and environmental stewardship; diversity, equity and inclusion; educational scholarships; emergency relief for residents; enhancement of public education; programs for individuals with special needs; promotion of the arts; support for senior citizens; and, youth recreation.


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