13 Marshall School Teachers Receive Grants for Classroom Innovation

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The following is from the Marshall School PTA


Thirteen Marshall School teachers were awarded Teacher Incentive Grants from Montclair State University’s Network for Educational Renewal (MSUNER) for the 2016-17 school year. The grants amount to $200 and help teachers fund the programs they submit (see initiatives below).

The purpose of each MSUNER Grant is to enhance student learning by experimenting with new teaching strategies and resources, explore ways to improve students’ math and  literacy skills, and develop class projects.

Congratulations to the following teachers!

Amber Davis, Occupational Therapist – On the Go Learning Experiences

Joanne Farrell, Second Grade Teacher – Creative Inventions

Shannon Glander, Assistant Principal – Marshall Initiative to Increase STEM Education

Yves Hart, First Grade Teacher – Creating a Fun, Loving, Interactive, Engaging, and Meaningful Educational Environment

April Intile, Kindergarten Teacher – Musical Classroom

Shira Lincoln, Multiage Teacher – Sensory Seating

Patrice Massung, Second Grade Teacher – Bouncy Bands

Vanessa Proietto, First Grade Teacher – Sensory Seating Support

Ilana Rakovsky, Speech Language Therapist – Matt and Molly Language Time

Stephanie Rotondo, First Grade Teacher – 3D Art in Writing

Bonita Samuels, Principal – Action Based Learning

Skye Sardanopoli, Kindergarten Teacher – Learn and Grow Through Art and Play!

Lori Simandl, Second Grade Teacher – Creative Inventions

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