Clapping Out at Seth Boyden

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Seth Boyden Class of 2014
Credit: Inken Finnamore
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Seth Boyden School borrowed a great idea from Tuscan School yesterday (Seth Boyden teacher Lynn Sands is a Tuscan parent) when it staged its first-ever “clap-out” for graduating 5th graders. The students exited the building from beneath a large “Class of 2014” sign as their teachers and younger school mates clapped for their accomplishment of completing elementary school.

Our favorite picture here is that of retiring teachers Mrs. Elman, Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Bartholomew. The emotions of pride, bittersweetness, affection, and joy that play across their faces tell you everything you need to know about the devotion of these teachers.

Seth Boyden students feed into both South Orange Middle School and Maplewood Middle School, but they will meet again at Columbia High School.

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