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Clinton School 3rd Graders Spend an Afternoon in the Henhouse

The following is from Reesa Salomon

On April 28th, after spending the week taking the PARCC exam, Clinton School third graders visited the home of Reesa Salomon and her chickens. Ms. Salomon is a speech language therapist who lives just across the street from Clinton. She also raises chickens in her backyard and during this visit gave a lesson about how to take care of chickens and their life processes.

With their teacher Debra Ceccacci, the students had recently learned about the systems in the body, so the lesson focused on how a chicken’s digestive system works, a completely different process from humans. Students asked questions about chicken’s life spans, the way the coop was designed, and how often they lay eggs.

After the lesson, the coop door parted for the five hens to come out. Ninja, Cookie, Sweetheart, Fluffle, and Sheba happily wandered around the yard as the children made a large semicircle, a practice they learned with their class guinea pig. Students took turns feeding the hens dried meal worms and each child took home an egg, carefully wrapped in paper towels in a cup.

The following week, Ms. Salomon received 24 thank you notes from the students, many of whom stated how much they enjoyed eating the egg and only one letter from a little boy who dropped his.  Many of the students stated that they now want to get backyard chickens.

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