College Visit Canceled by COVID-19? Virtual Tours Let High School Students Visit Without Leaving Home

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If you have a high school junior or senior involved in the college admission process, the coronavirus is putting a damper on a student’s ability to visit or tour this spring.

Scott White, Interim Director of Guidance at Columbia High School

Interim Director of the Guidance Department at Columbia High School is here to help. Says White, “[d]ue to the coronavirus, many colleges are closing and developing virtual learning platforms. For seniors planning to visit, choosing colleges after receiving acceptances will be challenging. Likewise, many juniors are unable to travel for spring break college tours.”

Scott published a spreadsheet with a list of upcoming virtual college admission events. This list of 80 schools popular with CHS students from American University to Worcester Polytechnic Institute allows to you see the campus without leaving home.

So now you can maintain social distance and check out those schools.

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