Columbia HS Principal: Social Media Post Posed ‘No Credible Threat’ to School Community

by The Village Green
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The following email was sent by CHS Principal Kalisha Morgan on March 2:

Dear CHS Parents, Students & Staff,

We want to make you aware of an incident that occurred at CHS.  Earlier this morning CHS administration received an anonymous tip regarding a threat posted on a social media platform.  As a matter of precaution, we take threats toward our school community of this nature very seriously.  Student and staff security are of the utmost priority for our schools.

When the tip was received, school administration immediately contacted local law enforcement.  Law enforcement came to CHS and met with administration.  They were able to track the post and verified that there was no credible threat to our community.  The forwarded social media post was not generated by anyone from our District, was also not specific or targeted to our District or CHS and the source/location of the post did not originate from New Jersey.

We want to thank the Maplewood Police Department and SOMSD Director of Security, Dr. Tom Shea for their quick response and assistance with the situation. Together, we can prevent unnecessary, dangerous and disruptive crime from victimizing our schools.

Also, we appreciate all community members who bring information to our attention, especially our students and parents.  However, in order to utilize our resources more efficiently, we request (when possible), that before sharing an “alleged social media post threat” with administration, please verify the source.  This can be done by verifying a few key points:

  • If the post is forwarded to you, verify the source (i.e. location, state, country);
  • Does the post specifically target one of our schools or District (by naming) the school ;
  • If there appears to be a credible threat that targets and names one of our schools or includes a students’ name, please do not repost or share it with others.  Immediately call school administrators (if during school hours) or call local law enforcement;
  • We caution the community and parents/guardians to share with your child, to be mindful of what they post and share on social media (sharing any post that mimics or shares a threat or warning can spread false or exaggerated information, further creating panic and anxiety within the community);
  • Students/parents need to report to school and law enforcement authorities when they see or hear something. If it’s after school hours and you or your child have first-hand knowledge of a threat, by all means, report it to law enforcement.

We appreciate your partnership in working to keep our schools the safest place for students to learn and grow. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

Thank You

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