Davis-Ford Endorses Raab, Roberts and Malespina for Board of Ed

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To the Editor,

When I go to the polls on November 3rd I will be supporting the SOMA2015 team – Raab, Roberts and Malespina – for election to the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education. I’ve had the chance to meet each of these candidates and I’m excited about the energy they will bring to the Board of Education where I believe a change is sorely necessary.

Mrs. Malespina has an amazing breadth of knowledge as a former educator in the district, a school administrator, as a parent and as a 20-year resident of South Orange. Mrs. Roberts hails from the Hilton Neighborhood of my neighboring Maplewood – an area which has had no representation on the school board for years even though it represents a large percentage of Maplewood’s population. Ms. Raab has been active in the Tuscan School PTA for years and along with Mrs. Malespina is a co-founder of the South Orange-Maplewood Parents for Quality Education group.

SOMA2015’s overall message of Common Sense, Courage and Communication resonates very well with me and I believe this is the only way we’re going to ever provide equal access for all students and have any chance at making a dent in the achievement gap. I’m sure many will agree that our district has been through a rough patch these past few years. I constantly hear from parents how frustrated they are with the district’s current state of affairs – some so much that they’ve pulled their children out of a district that we all know is capable of so much.

It’s time for a change, and I believe in SOMA2015’s ability to apply their diverse points of view, expertise and commitment to help make the board more representative of our two towns again. I believe our school district can regain its status as a top tier school district.

Please join me by voting for the SOMA2015 team of Raab, Roberts and Malespina on November 3rd.

Deborah Davis-Ford, South Orange
South Orange Village Trustee

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