Letter: Lawson-Muhammad & Davis will Advocate for Needs of All Students

by The Village Green
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To the Editors:

Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad and James Davis

Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad and James Davis

I hope you will join me in voting for Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad and James Davis for the school board on November 8. My only son graduated last June but his experience showed me that the school system is simply not meeting the needs of too many of the young people in our district. That is why I am deeply involved in this year’s board election.

Stephanie and James understand that many of our kids have needs that the schools ought to be able to address but for whom the current system is falling short. I was proud to be part of in depth discussions with them about the needs of transgender students in our district, the needs of students with a range of disabilities and the needs of students that are struggling academically for a variety of reasons. The truth is, Stephanie and James care about making sure our schools fulfill the values of this community. They are both highly invested, skilled and caring.

Stephanie has already demonstrated her commitment as a school board member over the last term during which she was part of the Equity and Excellence and Finance committees. James has been an involved community volunteer. I hope you will find out more about Stephanie and James and will be sure to cast your vote for them in November.


Leslie M. Kantor, PhD, MPH

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