Maplewood Library Launches Summer Reading Club with a Bang

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Bash the Trash Tennis Racket ViolinDespite a massive summer thunderstorm, the Maplewood Summer Reading Club officially kicked off on Wednesday night with a “bang.”

Fifty people braved the storm and came out to hear Bash the Trash, an innovative troupe of musicians who use recycled materials to create unusual instruments, said Jane Folger, Head of Children’s Services.Bash the Trash strings duet 7

Folger reports the “Bottle Flute” — where musicians drink water as they play, to make different notes — was a crowd pleaser. Children also learned tabout the science of music with the “Tennis Racket Violin,” which made a soft, high note when placed on a small styrofoam box and a louder, lower sound when placed on a large styrofoam box. Other instruments made from trash included the “Wood Plank Xylophone” and the “French Horn” made from a garden hose.

Bash the Trash strings duet 4“‘Pretty fantastic’ and ‘exciting’ were some of the comments we heard from kids and parents,” said Folger. “It was a real spellbinder!”

For more info about Bash the Trash, visit their website.

For more information about the library’s summer reading and other programs, visit their website.

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