Maplewood Middle School Students Participated in Two-Mile Spartan Race

by The Village Green
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The following is from MMS Coach Ray Mantes


Last weekend, 38 middle school students exemplified grit, tenacity, and perseverance at Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ. These individuals competed in a Spartan Race, a 2 mile endurance test where the athletes had to run up and down a mountain, but standing in their way were twelve obstacles.

During the race, I witnessed the following from our racers:

  1. helping teammates and strangers complete the obstacles,
  2. failing an obstacle during the first attempt, but problem solving by figuring out what they did wrong to help them become successful,
  3. challenging themselves by choosing to carry a heavier object instead of a lighter one, and
  4. fighting the pain from cuts, bruises, and fatigue because the need to finish the race was more important.

This race is a perfect metaphor for life and has taught our athletes important lessons. We are in this world to accomplish a specific goal, but during our journey, we have a responsibility to help others. At times we will fail, but we need to learn what we did wrong to become successful. There will always be two choices we can make, the easy way or the hard way. It is important to challenge ourselves, because if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Finally, never let anything get in your way to accomplish your goals.

One parent called me A Proud Papa yesterday. Through their hard work from training, they succeeded in completing one of the hardest races. For that, I am very proud of each and everyone of them. The smiles on their faces when they crossed the finish line is the best medal I can ever receive.

Congratulations to you all. Wear your t-shirts proudly tomorrow. You are now part of The Spartan Tribe…AROO!

  1. Jamie Fardin
  2. Sumner Verdun
  3. Charles Rosenberg
  4. Naomi Van Doornik
  5. Isaac Van Doornik
  6. Charlotte Harteveld
  7. Emily Donaghue
  8. Sofia Hurtado
  9. Alessandra Hurtado
  10. Jack Kalsched
  11. Keira Mahoney
  12. Jason Rowe
  13. Finn Ryan
  14. Max Masino
  15. Madison Moskowitz
  16. Bella Larrier
  17. Ellie Rojer
  18. Sasha Rojer
  19. Ruby Aylward
  20. Nick Alexander (9:00 am)
  21. Eleanor Van de Vusse
  22. Owen Heney
  23. Leo Cogan-Drew (9:00 am)
  24. Julius Clyburn
  25. Ryan Baum Joseph
  26. Javier Casella
  27. Reed Promisel
  28. Charlie Melman
  29. Fiona Donohue
  30. Cate Sheehy
  31. Katie O’Mara
  32. Sophia Franklin
  33. Lael Licht
  34. Brandon Doubek
  35. Jordan Klein
  36. Sam Zaslow-Braverman
  37. Michael Pirone
  38. Dee Dee Diallo

Thank parents for being so supportive, and thank you Coach Berezny and Coach Felder for helping me run this club of close to 80 members.








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