Principal: ‘Devious Licks’ TikTok Challenge Appears Linked to Columbia High School Vandalism

by The Village Green
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The following update is from Columbia High School Principal Frank Sanchez:

Dear Columbia High School Families

Yesterday I sent our students a short video of how disappointed the administrative team was about three instances of vandalism we have seen in a boys’ bathroom here at Columbia High School. We reminded students that according to the Code of Conduct, students caught vandalizing the school may be required to make restitution to the school district financially and/or through school service.

We believe these three cases are connected to the national phenomenon called “Devious Licks,” a challenge that encourages students to steal or damage school property and then post their “trophies” on TikTok. Although we have been fortunate to have only minor damage here in comparison to what other schools have seen, it is still disappointing to know even a few students here would damage our building and think it is okay to have our custodial colleagues pick up after them.

There is talk now that more challenges will be appearing on this social media website, even ones that encourage students to touch others inappropriately. We will be delivering the message to students that this type of behavior will not be tolerated either.

In more positive news, Assistant Principal Woolard has given the students his own TikTok Challenge, asking them to create a tribute to a teacher who has inspired them. We hope the CHS Student Council comes up with positive monthly challenges that connect with Columbia’s values as well.

In closing, we ask you speak with your child about this trend and how they can leverage social media more positively. We know the vast majority of our students are doing the right thing; we hope that the entire student body now understands how harmful these challenges are. Please feel free to reach out to any building administrator with any concerns, questions, or suggestions.


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