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From Vanessa Pollack & The Achieve Foundation:

Maplewood’s Keller Williams Realtor team, Vanessa Pollock, and The Achieve Foundation need your help.

Begun in 2015, The Vanessa Pollock Music Initiative in partnership with the Achieve Foundation raises money to repair/replace instruments throughout the district. The program also provides funding for the rental of band and orchestra instruments for students who cannot afford the rental fee, and  – most importantly, provides scholarships for aspiring, musically gifted, in-need students.

For the 2017-2018 school year, Achieve and Vanessa have launched a “matching” initiative. From now until the end of September, the Vanessa Pollock Realty Team will match dollar-for-dollar up to $2,500, in order to reach their goal of $5,000.

Vanessa Pollock passionately believes in the importance of enabling all young performers to pursue the arts vigorously. Vanessaa retired ballet dancerand her husband, Broadway actor, Charlie know firsthand the pleasure and confidence that training in the arts can provide young people.

When she learned that the SOMA community had a need, she coordinated with the Achieve Foundation. Together, they set up the program for replenishing the instrument inventory and identifying students to reward.  Students are selected by the music teachers at Columbia High School for extraordinary achievements in music to date — including effort, dedication and musicianship — as well as, need.

2017 to date, the Vanessa Pollock Team successfully served over 60 families with their real estate needs.  Tying the home sales with The Music Initiative and her campaign, her team has donated and raised over $125,000 since its inception for the South Orange Maplewood community.

Vanessa’s “Care, Serve, Give” real estate model resonates well in the community and has been the choice for almost 600 families over the last decade. Ask Vanessa for her motivation, she will enthusiastically tell you, “I am dedicated to leaving a legacy in SOMA of the best real estate service in the industry, and giving back to the towns we love.”

With your help Vanessa and Achieve can reach this year’s ambitious goal.

[The Vanessa Pollock Team sees their role in the community as going beyond providing excellent professional real estate service to families in South Orange and Maplewood. They have committed themselves to vigorously supporting quality of life for all local residents by raising and donating money to charities, local schools, foundations and community events. The Vanessa Pollock Music Initiative is in partnership with the Achieve Foundation of South Orange and Maplewood, which is an independent, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that raises funds to promote exemplary public education for all students and educators in the community. Donors like the Pollocks and the Vanessa Pollock Team advance Achieve’s objectives significantly with their generous and thoughtful fundraising efforts. Contact: Deborah Prinz the Achieve Foundation at [email protected] or 973-378-2055]

Vanessa and Charlie Pollock present $2,500 to Achieve Foundation and SOMSD

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