SOMA Women in Business — Tara Connell, CKO Maplewood

Last fall, Matters Magazine cel­ebrated women in the South Orange-Maplewood business community with a feature spread on “Women in Business.” These women represent a range of  professions – from architecture and beauty to speech pathology and financial services. In all, 26 women-owned businesses are profiled. See the original Matters Magazine feature here.

Village Green has partnered with Matters Magazine to give these local women entrepreneurs a digital platform and is posting each profile individually on our website during the month of March — Women’s History Month. Today, we celebrate:

Tara Connell, CKO Maplewood

Tara Connell, CKO Maplewood. Photo credit: Jamie Meier.

Why I started my business

After my first child, I felt overweight, out of shape, and unhappy with my body. Thankfully, a friend introduced me to CKO in Brooklyn and I was hooked. Five years and two more kids later, my husband and I decided to move to the burbs and bring CKO Kickboxing to Maplewood and its surrounding areas. I knew there were plenty of people just like me who thought that feeling sluggish with a muffin top was ‘The New Black’, and I knew that CKO could make them feel better, just like it did for me.

My favorite moments in my business

Seeing people come in for their trial class looking meek and lacking confidence and, within weeks of coming to class regularly, they are glowing and looking like a million bucks!

My motto

Work hard and feel great!


1933 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood

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