Columbia High School Girls Lacrosse Players ‘Pass the Ball’ Virtually

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Students throughout South Orange and Maplewood are getting creative about staying socially connected while maintaining physical distance. The Columbia High School Girls Lacrosse team devised a task that was provided exercise and practice — at a time when their spring sport has been postponed indefinitely. The students displayed their technical skills in both lacrosse and video production, providing a means of entertainment for themselves, their families and their fans.

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From  lacrosse parent Carol Velez Fardin:

The Columbia High School Girls Lacrosse “Pass the Ball Challenge” video idea was brought to the team and produced by Senior Erin Lackey, and 19 student athletes participated. We the parents, including Head Coach Steve Ramos, were all pleasantly surprised by how fantastic this came out! After I posted the video on my Facebook page over 200 parents “Liked” it! We are hoping this inspires and reminds kids to get out and play, while practicing social distancing. They are very sad that their lacrosse season is postponed indefinitely. However, these girls are in constant contact virtually and the camaraderie is helping them get through these COVID-19 quarantine days. The 2020 CHS Girls Lacrosse team includes:

  • Erin Lackey, Sr.
  • Sarah Marbaix, Sr.
  • Allison Wisniewski, Jr.
  • Kat Turi, Soph.
  • Lila Price, Jr.
  • Gianna LaPalerma, Sr.
  • Maggie Maloney, Sr.
  • Lily Ramos, Jr.
  • Emma Reininga, Sr.
  • Jenna Hayes, Jr.
  • Jamie Fardin, Freshman
  • Dylan Herbert, Sr.
  • Tess Price, Soph.
  • Thandi Bernard, Sr.
  • Addy Andrasz, Sr.
  • Claire D’Andrea, Jr.
  • Simone Kelly, Sr.
  • Victoria Sands, Sr.
  • Juliette Dabb, Sr.

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