Letter: McGehee is a Leader with Vision, Intellect and Drive

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To the Editor:

Over the past year and a half I have had the pleasure of getting to know Frank McGehee as the result of our work for the community through the Community Coalition on Race. I have been impressed by Frank’s vision, intellect, drive and willingness to take on a leadership role on key organizational policy issues notwithstanding the fact that he is a relatively new trustee. When I learned that Frank had decided to run for an elected position on the Maplewood Township Committee I was elated. My interaction with Frank gives me confidence that he will apply himself diligently to the important and complex issues confronting the Township Committee and utilize his professional as well as community organization experience and expertise to make sound decisions with the best interests of all residents and our future in mind.

As a proud twenty five year resident of Maplewood and a founding member of an organization that played a key role in reversing negative trends in our town while stabilizing and launching it to a place now sought out for its prime real estate and embrace of diversity and inclusion (sadly too often unheard of in this great nation of ours) I strongly desire for our community to continue on its path to prominence mindful of the substantive challenges confronting us. While there is much focus this year on a historic and critical presidential election, we must not lose sight of the importance of local elections where citizens elect individual women and men who make decisions that actually impact our daily lives.

Over the years I have seen in Maplewood and South Orange the difference elected leaders with a bold vision can make. Given the critical importance of this election for Maplewood I want someone to serve us, yes put the residents first and unite us in the process, with a proven track record of success in all endeavors pursued, ability to meet challenges head on and character evidencing the understanding that we are all our sisters’ and brothers’ keeper. Based on my own blessed career and non-profit volunteer experiences, I believe that if one makes an objective review of the candidates as well as Frank’s personal, volunteer and professional accomplishments and reputation it is clear that he is the best candidate in this township election as he will work hard to ensure a vibrant, economically sound and welcoming Maplewood for all its residents.

For the reasons cited, I strongly endorse Frank McGehee’s candidacy for the Maplewood Township Committee and encourage you to do the same when you vote this November.


Robert A. Marchman, Esq.



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