Step Up and Be Counted: Maplewood Census Update, Census Parade August 1

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From Mayor Frank McGehee, July 27:


Response rate update

Two weeks from tomorrow – August 11th, the US Census will be knocking on every household in Maplewood that has not completed the census.

Here are the latest response rate statistics:

National: 62.4%.

New Jersey: 64.3%

Essex County: 56.9%

Maplewood overall response rate: 74%

South Orange overall response rate: 75.1%

Maplewood’s 6 Individual Tracts:

Tract 194 – Wyoming Ridgewood area – 85.3%, 1.2% below the final 2010 number. Let’s go!

Tract 199 – Golf Island, areas around Ridgewood Road and Wyoming close to Millburn – 81.5%, 1.5% below the final 2010 number. Almost there!

Tract 195 – East of Valley St., areas around Prospect including a significant portion of Midland Blvd. area – 88.7%. Exceeded 2010 by 3.7% Bravo!

Tract 198 – College Hill Area – 83.6%. Exceeded 2010 by .4% well done- keep it going!

Tract 197 – Hilton Neighborhood and south/east of Springfield Ave – 62.6%. The final 2010 response rate was 69.3% (-6.7%). Let’s get into it!

Tract 196 – areas around Elmwood and Parker Ave. and Borden Park area – 66%. The final 2010 response rate 74.5 (-8.5%).  We can do this! Go time!

Census Parade August 1st

Saturday, August 1 the Township of Maplewood will participate in the Essex County Census parade. The parade will include Irvington Avenue, Parker Avenue, Boyden Avenue and Springfield Avenue.  Maplewood will then break off from the county parade and continue its own parade on Jacoby Street, Boyden Avenue again, Hughes Street, Schaefer Road, Newark Way, Tuscan Road, Burnett Avenue ending at DeHart Park. Additional details to come.  Please come out and enjoy the festivities as we promote the importance of being counted in the US census.


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