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PHOTOS: Short Hills Author Launches Book Combining Therapy & Real Estate

Jodi Rosenberg (Deputy Mayor, Millburn), Shannon Aronson, Yvette Struwig, Cara Moxley (Operating Partner of Keller Williams Premier Properties of Essex, Union, & Morris Counties)

Shannon Aronson has a very unique set of skills: she’s both an MSW — Master of Social Work — and a realtor.

She’s combined both as the author of the new book Don’t Give it Away: Maximize the Sales Price of Your Home by Discovering the Emotional Mistakes Every Home Seller Makes…and How to Avoid Them.

Aronson says her previous training as a licensed therapist was invaluable to her work as a successful realtor.

“So much of this is psychology, people get stuck emotionally,” explained the Short Hills mother of three. “My job is to help identify what needs to get done to list a house, facilitate healthy conversations, about the underlying emotional issues holding the client back.”

Aronson, one of Keller Williams top performing NJ agents since 2009, said her aim in writing Don’t Give it Away was to address the questions from friends and clients regarding selling their home, as well as issues she’s identified that harm sellers chances of getting the most for their homes.

Often home sellers make these mistakes for varying reasons: they need to move quickly, they are older and less able or willing to change their longtime home, they cannot see their home through a buyer’s eyes. Despite the hesitancy to change, sellers want and need to walk away from their sale successfully.

“Emotions get in the way of cooler heads,” Aronson explains. In her book Aronson walks readers through all aspects of selling a home: from basic decisions such as ideal timing for sale, valuing a home and pricing it, to the negotiations and potential pitfalls of a potential sale.

Throughout, Aronson urges readers to consider and avoid what she terms “the WENS myths” of valuing one’s home.

W for Want – I really want X dollars for my home

E for Ego Pricing – Yeah, but I know my house is better than the guy two doors down, and he sold it for X dollars six months ago, and I have a better backyard

N for Need – I really need to get X dollars for my home because…

S for Spent – I need to get back what I spent

From the critical questions sellers should ask a realtor before meeting to learning how the real estate market works, Aronson hopes the wisdom of her experience will make Don’t Give it Away the essential guide for anyone considering selling their home.

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