23% of South Orange-Maplewood Adult Population Is Foreign-Born

by Mary Mann
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A recent demographic report by the South Orange-Maplewood Coalition on Race documented population trends in the towns concerning the size of the Black and White populations and other racial groups. Overall trends pointed to the fact that, after years of stability, Maplewood and South Orange are growing whiter and wealthier.

The report also had some riveting information on the towns’ immigrant population.

Fully 23% of Maplewood and South Orange adult residents — nearly 7,000 — are foreign born.

41% of the towns’ non-White population (either Black, Hispanic or Asian) is foreign born.

10% of White residents in Maplewood and South Orange are foreign born.

The information on foreign-born residents is based on data from the American Community Survey.

See the charts below:

CCR Demographic Report Immigrants Foreign Born CCR Demographic Report Immigrants Foreign Born


See the full report here:

Download (PDF, 6.8MB)

Village Green will continue to feature various trends pinpointed in the CCR’s Demographic Report in upcoming stories.

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Research/reporting for this article was supported in part through an immigration reporting grant from the Center for Cooperative Media, Montclair State University, and is part of “In the Shadow of Liberty,” a year-long look at immigration in New Jersey.


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