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South Orange Looks to Appoint Howard Levison Water Utility Administrator

Editor’s note: This story was updated after publication with additional information from the resolution to appoint Howard Levison as South Orange Water Utility administrator.

South Orange Trustee Howard Levison will be resigning his position on the governing body on Monday with plans to take the job of administrator of the South Orange Water Utility.

According to Levison, the appointment will be on the Board of Trustees meeting agenda as a resolution for Monday, April 22. The position will be part-time — “set at an hourly amount of $67.00 with no more than twenty (20) hours per week unless approved by the Village Administrator,” as per the resolution (see below).

Along with Trustee Walter Clarke, Levison led the Township’s transition from the East Orange Water Commission to form its own water utility and enter into contract with a new water supplier (New Jersey American Water).

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Levison said that no appointment will be made for his replacement on the Board of Trustees, as the vacancy is occurring less than 6 months before an election.

Editor’s note: The South Orange Water Utility is a separate body from the Joint Meeting of Essex & Union Counties, which is the sewer authority.

The proposed resolution appointing Levison reads as follows:

WHEREAS, the Village is seeking a Part-Time Water Utility Administrator and Project Manager; and

WHEREAS, on March 5, 2019, the Village posted the job position on our website and; and

WHEREAS, at that time Trustee Levison expressed interest in the position and the Village decided that the firm of Post, Polak, Goodsell, MacNeill & Strauchler, P.A, represented by John N. Post and Scott H. Novak, reviewed the resumes, interviewed potential prospects and would recommend a potential candidate; and

WHEREAS, the Village received eight resumes; and of the eight, five individuals had no relevant experience. Interviews were scheduled with the remaining three candidates; and

WHEREAS, interviews took place on April 2, 2019; and April 5, 2019, respectively. Each applicant was evaluated based on several factors, including education, work experience, municipal experience, water-related experience and the ability to work with the multiple constituencies that this position interacts with. All candidates were professional in the process and have impressive credentials; and

WHEREAS, concluding the interviews John N. Post and Scott H. Novak recommended Mr. Howard Levison who clearly has far more experience both in the field of water management and municipal-related matters than the other two candidates and based upon a comparison of job requirements with candidate qualifications Mr. Levison is clearly the best choice for this position; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees does concur with the recommendation of Post, Polak, Goodsell, MacNeill & Strauchler, P.A..

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Township of South Orange Village hereby consents to the appointment of Howard Levison as the Part-Time Water Utility Administrator and Project Manager for the Township of South Orange Village; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the salary for said position shall be set at an hourly amount of $67.00 with no more than twenty (20) hours per week unless approved by the Village Administrator.

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