Local Doc: Getting COVID-19 Vaccination Was Emotional, Amazing Experience

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Dr. Marnie L. Doubek MD, a Maplewood resident who practices Family Medicine with Atlantic Health Group and Overlook Medical Center, shared her experience getting vaccinated for COVID-19 this week, while encouraging others to get vaccinated when their turn comes. Dr. Doubek said the moment was emotional.

“My eyes are closed in the first photo not because I was scared – but because I was so choked up. I am amazed by what our dedicated scientists can do with focused effort and no black tape. I am beyond grateful to live in a time where vaccines are possible. I am thankful that I can worry a little less about bringing this unpredictable virus home to my family.”

Dr. Doubek wrote, “Things I love: My husband. My kids. My dog. My friends. Ice cream. SCIENCE.”

Calling the experience, “Totally epic!!!!” Dr. Doubek added, “Please don’t be more afraid of the vaccine than the virus. When your turn comes – be a part of the solution. Trust me, it feels freaking amazing!!!!!!”

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