Align Wellness Launches Program Just for Teens this Fall

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Align Wellness Studio in Millburn is launching a new program in September called “Teen Spirit.” This is a collaborative program for boys and girls ages 12-15 that incorporates fitness for developing bodies, nutrition counseling for adolescents, yoga to reinforce trust and communication, meditation to aid in stress management, and coaching to improve self awareness, self acceptance and self esteem.

Align's 'Teen Spirit' program

Align’s ‘Teen Spirit’ program

This 6-week program begins Wednesday, September 30 and will meet every Wednesday from 4 pm-6 pm. The cost is $180 for the entire 12- hour program.

“It’s often really painful to be a kid, to be different or not “fit in” for some rhyme or reason,” said Align co-owner Tara Roscioli. “They are going through tremendous physical and emotional changes and many kids really struggle. We want to help them become comfortable with the changes in their body and to embrace the things that their bodies can do as opposed to what they look like. We also want to teach them to embrace what it is that makes them stand out and that their uniqueness makes them special!”

Also in the works, Align plans to run special programs for local sports teams and launch a ” Tween Spirit” class for children ages 8-11.

For more information or to register, visit Align’s website or call 973.376.4166.


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