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Maplewood Jewelry Designer Creates With ‘Heart & Soul’

Jewelry designer and Maplewood resident Pamela Bloom feels fortunate to be able to pursue a career she loves.

“I was always interested in art classes growing up; as soon as I could drop math in high school and take different art classes instead I did,” recalls the artist, who majored in metals while attending college at Parsons School of Design. “I love creating things with my hands, and choosing a material to hone in on made sense. It was both fine arts and jewelry making.”

Pamela Bloom and her three sons.
Pamela Bloom and her three sons.

A mother to three spirited sons, Bloom says she creates from “the heart and soul” and draws inspiration for her one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from all facets of her life.

“Traveling, exploring, observing, researching,” she says. “My mind is always working.”

It is often while she’s hunting for the gems and unique chains that will transform her work into the “sophisticated, relaxed, timeless and chic” creations that are her trademark that creativity strikes.

“Sourcing materials is one of my favorite things to do,” says Bloom. “I love going to the city to shop for supplies. I am always finding new places to go, which helps expand my designs. A lot of my design process happens when I am sourcing materials. I get inspired by a material and then a series of pieces is created. I have a list of places I’d like to go to for sourcing materials — top of the list: India and Turkey.”

A lapis leather cuff from Pamela Bloom Jewelry.
A lapis leather cuff from Pamela Bloom Jewelry.

Working from her home studio, Bloom is constantly coming up with new ideas but is also eager to facilitate bringing a client’s vision to life.

“I love doing commission work,” she says. “I really enjoy working with a client and collaborating on a special project.  Sometimes a client has a specific vision I help to make, and other times I am able to design what I think will work best for the project.”

With the holiday season just around the corner, we asked Bloom about the time frame required to craft an original, commissioned accessory. She says it differs from piece to piece.

“Some designs take longer to figure out mechanics, some pieces take longer for construction,” the artisan explains. “My concepts are always evolving and growing as I am working. I am a hands-on person for my design process; I need to work with the materials more than I sit down and sketch.”

Pamela Bloom Jewelry is available through her website as well as at local boutiques.
Pamela Bloom Jewelry is available through her website as well as at local boutiques.

Bloom’s pieces, which can be dressed up or worn casually, are available through her website and are also sold at local boutiques including Bungalow in Millburn, Beauty Lounge in Summit, and Elle Squared in Livingston.

“I really love all aspects of my career,” says Bloom. “Each part is a rewarding entity onto its own and all the pieces go together. I feel really lucky to be able to do something that I love.”

For more information, visit Pamela Bloom Jewelry.

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