Tip of the Day: Stay Calm & Carry On With Shakti Yoga

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Anna Adjusting Asana Shakti Yoga

“Stay Calm & Carry On.”

It’s not just an internet meme or a poster; it’s a way to get through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, according to Anna Winkler of Shakti Yoga & Living Arts on Springfield Avenue in Maplewood.

As co-owner of Shakti, Winkler can take that advice deeper. Shakti is a center dedicated to the art of living well — during the holidays and all year ’round. “Our vision at Shakti is to offer programs that honor the diversity in all, and encourage awareness of the underlying unity within,” said Winkler.

To put that into practice during the hectic holidays, Winkler suggests:

1) RELAX ~ This is ALWAYS priority NUMBER ONE! ~ What are you rushing around for? to make it perfect? is it ever prefect? does anyone really care or notice?

Kids Heart 2 Shakti Yoga

2) LOVE ~ What are we doing here any way? What’s the point? What’s it all about? LOVE. LOVE will make you happy. LOVE will make others happy. LOVE IS the answer.

3) ENJOY ~ How will you be IN JOY? Practice, Practice, Practice ~ Movement, Mindfulness, Remember what it’s all about (see point 2 above ~ Love or Fear, which will you choose?)

In the end, Winkler advises, “Stay centered, stay focused, stay on your Routines (eat well, move well, breathe well, think well, speak well, act well) — and love the one you’re with!”

Shakti Yoga & Living Arts, 1861 Springfield Ave, Maplewood, NJ, (973) 763-2288, www.shaktinj.com

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