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From TSTI Preschool to 5th Grade and Beyond, 4 Students Continue Friendship thru the Years

The following is from Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel

Posing for the “then” photo—and recreating it as the “now”—are (left to right) Sandra and Margot Rosenband and Helene and Zoe Cataina of South Orange, Lori and Samantha Sauer of Maplewood, and Heather and Julia Brochin of South Orange.

The Iris Family Center for Early Childhood Education at Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel (TSTI) in South Orange has proven to be fertile ground for more than innovative preschool education; it has also fostered an enduring friendship between four young girls that continues to this day. Margot Rosenband, Zoe Cartaina, Samantha Sauer and Julia Brochin were together in the age 2 class at the Reform synagogue’s preschool, where they became close friends—a relationship they have maintained throughout preschool and elementary school. In fact, the youngsters, who posed after their preschool “moving on” ceremony after completing their year as the “4s,” posed together again in June at their fifth-grade moving up ceremony at South Mountain Elementary School in the township.

“The memory of the TSTI moving on ceremony at the completion of preschool really stuck with Julia,” said her mother, Heather Brochin. “She asked me a few days before her elementary school graduation to find the photo with these three other friends and moms so we could recreate it. The TSTI preschool was a truly amazing place to start her education and join the local community. Julia, her sister and I made some of our closest friends at TSTI.” The Rosenband, Sauer and Brochin families are members of TSTI and their children attend the religious school there together.

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