Maplewood Debuts ‘Swim Lessons for All’ With Registration Open May 25

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With swim equity at the forefront of community conversation this year, the Township of Maplewood is moving forward to extend swim lessons to all children in the community regardless of income.

On Monday, the township recreation department sent an eblast to residents advertising that “Swim Lessons for All” registration will open to the community on Wednesday, May 25 at 10 a.m.

Bailey Barnett, the Assistant Township Administrator, explained: “In addition to be shared with residents on the Recreation mailing list, this information will also be posted to the Township website and shared via Township eblast. The link to registration is provided in these communications and has also been made available under the Rec Desk Registration tab of the “Recreation” web page. To ensure this link is visible and accessible to those who may not regularly access the Recreation web page, it will also be added to the website’s home page carousel this evening in preparation for Wednesday.”

Barnett added, “Lesson sign-ups were made available to members for pre-sale last week. After a strong show of interest during the pre-sale, the Township has increased lesson capacity by 25% for each class to ensure that non-members have adequate opportunity to register. Lessons are $50 per session, per child and each household may register up to 2 sessions per child. Households can apply to receive financial assistance for lessons through the Rec Assistance Fund. Later this week, we will be sending out separate communications a) reminding residents that applications to receive Pool Pal funding are due this Friday, May 27 and b) encouraging residents who have the means to donate to the Pool Pal and Recreation Advisory Funds.”

Barnett reports that at this time, the township does not have instructors on staff who are certified in teaching beginner teens/adults. “However, we are monitoring community interest for these groups and will be looking into adult and teen lessons as potential offerings in future.”

Meanwhile, Peter Travers of the South Orange Recreation Department reports, “We are opening registration for lessons around June 13th and lessons will start in July. We will be returning to our 2019 format of lessons, this will allow for us to provide group instruction along with private instruction. We are working on making improvements to the private lesson booking process and training our new guards on how to give lessons based on our previously developed curriculum. If you have any other questions please let me know.”

Travers added, “Anyone that needs financial aid can request a form from the department for their request. The village uses the free and reduced lunch program as the basis for determining need. If an individual receives free and reduced lunch they are eligible for a scholarship. There is a $150 cap per individual on an annual basis but this can be reviewed further if additional aid is needed.”

From the Maplewood Department of Community Services:

Maplewood Department of Community Services is pleased to announce the opening of our 2022 Community Swim Lesson Registration on Wednesday, May 25 at 10:00 a.m.

This year, Maplewood is piloting Swim Lessons for All, a program which opens Community Pool swimming lessons to all interested Maplewood residents, regardless of pool membership status. After a presale period for pool members, lessons will open to the general public this Wednesday, May 25. After a strong show of interest during presale, the Township has added additional spots to each class to ensure non-members will have the opportunity to register. Lessons are $50 per session, per child. Each household may register up to 2 sessions per child. Households can apply to receive financial assistance for lessons through the Rec Assistance Fund.

Please note that registrations are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to provide a safe and attentive learning environment for all students, class spaces are limited–be sure to register early! Once classes are filled, a waiting list will be maintained.

This year’s registration is available ONLINE at under the category labeled “Pool.”

The Township will also be accepting registrations in-person and via phone.

2022 Swim Lesson Options:

Step 1: Pick a session.
Session Dates:

Weekday options: Tuesday through Friday (No class Mondays)
Session 1: July 5 – July 15
Session 2: July 19 – July 29
Session 3: Aug 2 – Aug 12

Step 2: Pick a time.
Time Frames: Each time frame is offered in each session for each skill level**
9:45AM- 10:20AM
10:30AM – 11:05AM

** Excludes 3- and 4-year-old Classes. (Set times see below)**

This class takes place in the training pool and introduces young children to the pool. Parents must be present with 3-year-olds. Class is limited to 15 swimmers.
3-year-olds: 9:00AM-9:35AM
4-year-olds: 9:45AM-10:20AM
Advanced 3- and 4-year-olds: 10:30AM-11:05AM

Step 3: Pick a skill level for your swimmer.*
Please note that if your swimmers are more or less advanced than the skill level you choose, our lifeguards will make an assessment and move them to the appropriate level.

BEGINNER 1 (Ages 4-7)
This class is for children who are older than 4 years old. This class takes place in the main pool. Children wear bubbles to help keep them afloat. Children will begin learning how to swim. Class is limited to 12 swimmers.

BEGINNER 2 (Ages 4-9)
Swimmers for this class must be already able to put their heads and bodies completely underwater. Children in this class should have some forward motion skills in the water. Children will begin to learn the crawl and backstroke. Also covered in this class is isolation of arms, kicking and breathing while swimming. Class is limited to 12 swimmers.

Swimmers in this class should have some knowledge of the freestyle and backstroke. These two strokes will be taught more thoroughly in this class. If time permits, this class will teach the breaststroke and butterfly. Class is limited to 12 swimmers.

Swimmers in this class must be able to swim a lap of freestyle and a lap of backstroke. Children in this class will be further instructed on the breaststroke and butterfly, while also learning flip-turns and diving. Class is limited to 6 swimmers.

Saturdays and Sundays

Session A: July 2 – July 24
3-year-olds: 8:10AM – 8:45AM
4-year-olds: 8:55AM – 9:30AM

Session B: July 30 – Aug 21
3-year-olds: 8:10AM – 8:45AM
4-year-olds: 8:55 – 9:30AM

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