Letter: McGehee Thinks Out of the Box to Find Solutions for Maplewood

by The Village Green
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To the Editor:

It is with great enthusiasm and thoughtfulness that I submit my endorsement for Frank McGehee for the Township Committee this November.

Looking at what Frank is campaigning for, there are many things that I agree with, he is looking to think outside of the box and try and pair responsible decisions and innovations while trying to make sure that the TC can find solutions that will help all residents and businesses of the town as a whole.

In the time I have known Frank I have seen his love and dedication to this town in so many aspects. He is involved in the schools, fighting for transparency with developments, inspired library programs while trying to make sure they are also financially sustainable programs that make sense for the library to run, as well as involved with the Community Coalition on Race which he has helped with the restructuring of the organization in hopes to serve the community more efficiently.

In addition to all of the community volunteering he has also served on multiple election campaigns previously.I sometimes wonder where he finds the time to do it all, this is something I greatly admire about him. He is able to balance a work life, family life and take the time and love to give back to the community wholeheartedly. He has a work ethic that makes sure things get done. However he doesn’t just plow through things. He makes sure individuals involved can give input, he takes suggestions and works to move ideas forward and perhaps innovates them rather than just keep going on with predetermined initial goal in mind.

In a mention to his character, in the time I have known Frank, I have never seen him and not been greeted with a huge smile, hug and inquiry in how I am doing. He has a genuine interest in what individuals have to say as well as how to help if anyone goes to him with an issue. His overall professional skills, work ethic, previous involvement in campaigns paired with his genuine concern and thoughtfulness for his fellow community members is something I believe he will bring with him to the TC to help him make well thought out and sound decisions for our community. Because of these reasons among many more I am more than happy to be voting for Frank come November.

Indira Singh

Indira Singh is a Coldwell Banker Agent and South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race Board Trustee.

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