Letter: Susie Adamson Will Provide Research, Communication, Creative Solutions

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To the Editor:

Susie Adamson

Susie Adamson

I strongly support Susie Adamson’s candidacy for a position on the Board of Education. As a local, I benefited from the South Orange/Maplewood school system. I attended Clinton School, South Orange Middle School, and Columbia High School. Following Columbia, I attended Wellesley College where I became friends with Susie Adamson.

During our college years, two things became extremely clear to me about Susie. She is deeply committed to family and children. She believes strongly in equality for all people.  Susie does not give lip service to the ideas of equality and diversity. They are an integral part of how she thinks and views the world.  She combines this perspective with a collaborative spirit so that she not only identifies problems and barriers, but also works with others to find solutions.

From first jobs to weddings to children, Susie and I have remained close friends. I have had the opportunity to see Susie develop as a strong advocate first for her family and then later for all children at Seth Boyden. I am always struck by how much Susie researches and communicates with our neighbors to learn more about the issues facing today’s children and our community.  She will use this knowledge and passion to empower all children in the South Orange and Maplewood school district. She wants all children to do their best and does not see this as a zero-sum game.

Please join me in voting for Susie Adamson because she will seek creative solutions to help all our children gain access to the tools they need to flourish and become strong assets in our community.


Ahadi Bugg-Levine
South Orange

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