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VIDEO: Adams, Castillo & Lembrich Q&A at HNA Maplewood Candidates Forum

Hilton Neighborhood Association hosted a Maplewood Township Committee candidates forum last night, moderated by Carol Buchanan, and featuring Nancy AdamsIleana A. Castillo and Greg Lembrich.

Buchanan explained that the format was a bit “different” this time, with the candidates introducing themselves and then opening the forum up for a Q&A from the audience — as opposed to prepared questions from the moderator. She explained that she had asked the candidates to focus on the following in their introductions:

What are your strengths and why are you running now?

What do you see as important goals for Maplewood and how would you work to achieve that?

Timestamps for opening statements:

  • Nancy Adams 5:45
  • Ileana Castillo 11:00
  • Greg Lembrich 15:10

Question #1: (Directed at Castillo) Can you tell us what committees you’ve been working with? 28:50

Question #2: (Directed at Adams) As a member of the Planning Board, what are your feelings on the building proposed for SA and Wellesley (60 units)? 30:45

Question #3 (Directed to All) Respond to recycling and the recent pullback on items to be recycled. 32:50

Question #4 (for all) The recent idea about plastic surcharge passthrough and how that’s going to affect businesses: Where do you stand on this? 36:10

(Follow up from moderator) Discussion of containers from restaurants 39:15

(Follow up from audience) Is there an alternative for recycling, places that do take other plastics such as No. 5? 41:15

Question #5 (for Nancy and Greg) This summer two speed bumps where added to Rutgers Street and there was talk of traffic calming measures on Burnett that hasn’t happened. Can you give us an update? 43:15

(Follow up: Where Springfield Avenue traffic lights re-calibrated by the County?) 46:50

(Follow up: What is all this digging on Springfield Avenue and Millburn Avenue by PSE&G?

Question #6 (for all): What is your general feeling about the level of development on the Hilton Neighborhood and Springfield Avenue? 50:50

(Follow up: What are the taxes on these new developments?)

Question #7 (for Nancy): Are you responsible for starting the Springfield Avenue Partnership? 1:00:00

Question #8: What are our priorities as a township for land use? Would you support an open community forum of these issues outside of the election cycle? 1:03:00

Question #9 (more of a statement): There is a garden on Prospect between Hilton Ave and Springfield Avenue. Keep your eyes on it.

Joy Yagid of SOMAtv recorded the event here:

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