Good Bottle Refill Teams Up with TerraCycle on ‘Zero Box Waste’ Program

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From Good Bottle Refill:

Good Bottle Refill Shop, New Jersey’s first refill shop, has teamed up with TerraCycle to recycle plastic packaging waste through the Zero Waste Box program.

By placing the Candy and Snack Wrappers Zero Waste Box in the shop, Good Bottle Refill Shop offers customers a convenient way to reduce single-use plastic waste. The team goes one step farther by using the Plastic Packaging Zero Waste Box to uphold their company commitment to recycle all plastic items and materials that come into the store.

This conventionally unrecyclable waste would have otherwise been landfilled, incinerated, or may have even contributed to the pollution of marine habitats. The collected packaging will now be recycled into a variety of new products such as park benches, bike racks, shipping pallets and recycling bins.

TerraCycle, the world’s leader in the collection and repurposing of complex waste streams, created the Zero Waste Box program to provide solutions for difficult-to-recycle waste that cannot be recycled through TerraCycle’s brand-sponsored, national recycling programs or via standard municipal recycling.

“We have the mindset that just recycling is not the answer,” says Deanna Taylor, founder of Good Bottle Refill Shop. “Lowering our waste in total is the key.”

More information regarding Good Bottle Refill Shop can be found by visiting their website, All collected materials from the Zero Waste Box program are sent to TerraCycle for recycling, where they undergo a series of treatments before getting turned into new items. For more information on TerraCycle, please visit

TerraCycle offers Zero Waste Boxes for nearly every category of waste. By purchasing Zero Waste Boxes, companies and consumers save trash from landfills and help reach TerraCycle’s goal of creating a waste-free world.

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