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Moving in SOMA? Mark Slade Homes Team Debuts Complimentary Moving Truck

From Mark Slade of the Mark Slade Homes Team:

Mark Slade Homes Team and Complimentary Moving Truck

As is almost always the case, a client who decides to sell a home is automatically signing up to move. Sometimes, these moves are out of state for a new job, to be closer to family or in search of a warmer climate. However, a large part of our business are clients choosing to stay local and either upsize for their growing family or downsize because of an empty nest. This week we closed on a transaction for one such downsizer.

The experience reminded me of a time last year with clients who had to make many trips to put items in a local storage facility to prepare their property for sale. One day their vehicle broke down, making a stressful situation even more challenging. This got me to thinking and looking for more non-traditional solutions for our clients challenges.

Now, I’m so proud to say, in an effort to increase our service levels to our clients, our Keller Williams real estate team, The Mark Slade Homes Team, can come to the rescue with our own complementary moving truck.

Going back a little in time, last August 2018 to be exact, I was invited to speak at a National Real Estate Conference—Inman Connect SF—a real estate conference that was being held in San Francisco. My business partner, MaryCeu Nunes, insisted I come meet a vendor who was selling a different kind of service: a wrapped (wrapped means that artwork is applied to the vehicle to change its outward appearance) moving truck. Before I knew it, not only had we struck a deal for our new truck, they even gave us the mini-model prop truck to bring back to New Jersey to share with our team.

Shifting from ‘Park’ into ‘Drive,’ I got to thinking that I wanted the wrap on the truck to be special and to exemplify our branding. I also had to ensure we were in compliance with New Jersey Real Estate guidelines and we sought out the approval and guidance of our broker manager, Octavio Mendes.

We view our branding as well established. Especially with our team ‘mascot’ —my 1950 Chevy 3100 antique pick-up truck—which is often featured at area events we sponsor and support such as Maplewoodstock, The Montrose UnRUN, Under Cover Festival and more.

Then I got this inspiration: why not make this new truck look as much as we could, like my easily recognizable pick-up truck. So, after sketches, photos and collaboration with a truck wrapping graphic designer, we ended up with a brand new truck that has most of the look and feel my 1950 Chevy.

The biggest irony is that the 1950 Chevy, having been worked on by a few owners, happens to have parts on it that are not Chevy parts. For instance, the hubcaps say Ford on them. Now, with the new truck, we have a vice versa situation where it is a Ford, but it is now dually branded as a Chevrolet, due to the wrapping.

I am thrilled that our loyal customers and clients now have the opportunity to borrow our truck when needed to make their home selling and buying experience much easier and their total moving costs less expensive. It gives me and my team so much joy and satisfaction to know that we are taking our dedicated level of service to this even higher level.

Feel free to contact me at 917-797-5059 to get your MOVE-ON.

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