SOMA People That You Meet — Mike Lehrer

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People That You Meet” is a series of interviews conducted and posted by the Vanessa Pollock Team/Keller Williams, highlighting residents of the South Orange-Maplewood community and their diverse and interesting lives.

This installment is an interview with Mike Lehrer.


What town do you live in?


Where did you live before that?

We moved here from Brooklyn, and before that I lived in Manhattan, and before that, Cleveland OH.

What brought you to SOMA?

Family expansion was the main driver. My wife (Holly Evans), my oldest son and I were in one bedroom apt in the city…you know the story.  After looking around the outer boroughs and other parts of NJ, once we saw SOMA we knew this would be home due to the proximity to NYC, the charming architecture, and great collective of like-minded people.  It reminded me of the east side of Cleveland and my wife was a dancer and knew a few dance/theater folks here which helped.

What do you do (for a living or as a serious hobby)?

My current “paying” day job is doing agency sales with a fun, culture-driven tech company called Brandwatch in NYC.  We build smart solutions to help agencies and marketers capture, analyze and share social media insights. I fell into this role after a long career in media/tv/advertising, I’m having a great time in the tech sector and sales. My more serious other jobs/hobbies include photography, specializing in landscape, architecture, real estate, and esoteric imagery. Please check my Insta @djmikel.  I also grew up in a restaurant and love food, both cooking and dining out.

What local activities have you been involved in lately?

I was proud to take part in the SOMA Winter Soirée dance party at the Woodland on Feb. 4.  I was one of the DJ’s, along with Adam Goodell and Benny Campa.  There was also live music by Charlie Pollock and Friends. The best part is that all proceeds will go to the Achieve Foundation.

What’s your favorite feature of your home?

The front porch. It’s so inviting and we love chilling there during the summer watching the world go by.

Where do you love to go on a date night?

NYC for a great meal and a Broadway show.

What book is on your nightstand?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  It’s such a great read that it went on my nightstand years ago and has never come off.

What show does everyone need to binge watch?

In recent memory, we just wrapped up the OA (Netflix).  Solid acting and compelling storytelling so I highly recommend. My all-time favorite for a binge would have to be Breaking Bad.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

I want to fly like Superman.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

It depends on how much coffee I’ve had.

Salty or Sweet?

Definitely salty. I could sustain on a heady diet of olives, capers, and anchovies.

What’s something that amazes you?

Skyscrapers and sunsets.  Both of which I love to shoot photos of.

Describe your family:

I’m married to the amazing Holly Evans – for 14 years now, and we are blessed with three wonderful boys ages 5, 7, and 9. Holly is an adjunct professor in dance at Pace University and works for Lydia Johnson Dance here in town. My two older boys go to Tuscan School and my youngest guy is at Prospect Preschool – where we are wrapping up our 8th consecutive and final year!  We are constantly busy, having three boys within 5 years will do that, and spend the days involved in sports, arts and Cub Scouts.

Favorite local place to eat?

The Star Tavern, man I love that place!  Great pizza and vibes.

What is your favorite store?

It’s a toss-up between REI and Trader Joe’s.  I really love them both and could buy just about anything they sell.

Of all the places you’ve traveled, which is your favorite?

Hawaii, it’s a sublime paradise.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee hands down, with half & half, no sugar.  And about 4 cups a day.

Charity I care About: 

My family and our Cub Scout troop gets involved with helping MEND, Meeting Emergency Needs With Dignity.  MEND is a coalition of food pantries in Essex County that provides emergency food to individuals and families in crisis.  You can learn more about MEND here:

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