OPINION: Join the March to End Fossil Fuels September 17

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From the SOMA Action – Climate Committee:

Our planet is burning up. This summer was the hottest in recorded history, blasting past temperature records as climate change accelerates. Wildfires raged, heat waves broiled communities, and floods destroyed homes.

Here in our town, we’ve suffered hazardous air from Canadian wildfires, putting our kids, elderly, and those with asthma at risk. Floods caused catastrophic damage, while invasive insects killed treasured trees that once provided cooling, water storage, and beauty.

While we’ve seen devastating impacts locally, they pale in comparison to the life-threatening effects climate change is having on vulnerable communities worldwide. Small island nations face oblivion from rising seas. Rural villages endure deadly heat waves, droughts, and famine.

As dramatic as the effects of climate change are in our community, they are far worse in many parts of the world, especially those with the fewest resources and who have contributed the least to the climate crisis.

Our reliance on burning fossil fuels is the root cause of this mounting catastrophe. But on September 17th, we can raise our voices for faster, more meaningful climate action. The March to End Fossil Fuels in New York City will fill the streets before the UN General Assembly with citizens demanding bolder climate action from world leaders.

SOMA Action is organizing a group to travel via train to attend the march together – anyone can sign up here, and funding is available for those who need it.

Additionally, on Saturday, September 30, the SOMA Action Climate Committee clean energy event will provide information on transitioning your home off fossil fuels. Rebates and tax incentives are available to help you switch to an electric vehicle and install solar panels, among many other home improvements. More information can be found here.

President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act provides incentives to “electrify” homes and vehicles, moving us off dirty fossil fuels. But experts say we must do much more to prevent climate change’s worst effects.

 Under the Paris Agreement, nations committed to limiting warming to 2°C, with efforts to stay under 1.5°C. We’ve already warmed 1.2°C. Current pledges put us on a dangerous 2.5°C rise by 2100. Emissions must fall over 60% this decade to meet Paris Agreement goals.

5 Reasons to March

Here are five reasons you should march with us:

  1. Raise your voice: By marching, you will add your voice to the masses, calling for an end to fossil fuel use and bold climate action from our leaders. Politicians need to see huge numbers demanding change.
  2. Inspire change: Marching inspires and motivates others to take action, too. When friends, family, and neighbors see you standing up for our planet, it makes an impact.
  3. Be part of the solution: Attending the march shows you are serious about doing your part to solve the climate crisis. You’ll join a community pushing for the systemic changes we desperately need.
  4. Impact policy: Mass mobilization gets attention and pressures leaders to pass emission-cutting laws. Legislators are more likely to act when constituents visibly demand it.
  5. Save lives: Rapid reductions in greenhouse gases are needed to avoid climate change’s deadliest effects. Marching builds crucial momentum to potentially save millions of lives.

Our democracy depends on an engaged citizenry. We must raise our voices for change. Will you join your neighbors at the March and clean energy event? Our children’s future hangs in the balance.

SOMA Action – Climate Committee

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  • Kathleen Grant 
  • Mona Karim
  • Virginia Lamb
  • Rachael Metka
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