Maplewood Middle School to Provide Extra Support for Students Thursday

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The following letter was emailed to parents and guardians of Maplewood Middle School students on Wednesday, June 3, in the aftermath of code red lockdown at the school earlier in the day which resulted in a student in possession of a handgun being taken into police custody:

To the MMS Community:

As you know, there was a lockdown at MMS this afternoon. We realize that there are a lot of rumors and varying reports. Many of you may have questions about what happened. At this point, the events prompting the lockdown are a police matter. As a matter of law, therefore, we cannot discuss the details without compromising both student confidentiality and the integrity of the investigation.

Our primary concern continues to be the health, safety and well-being of our entire school community. We therefore have plans in place to provide extra support for students and staff tomorrow, and moving forward.

The MMS administrative team, guidance counselors, school social workers, and teachers are actively supporting students. We will have additional school social workers on-site at MMS tomorrow, and available as needed in the coming days. If your child shows signs of stress in reaction to these events, please notify his or her guidance counselor, the school social worker, or a member of the administrative team so that we can provide additional support.

Mr. Adams will begin the day tomorrow by making a brief statement on the Morning Waffles School News Program, including sharing praise from the Police Department on how well the entire school responded to the lockdown. In addition, Mr. Adams will discuss ways we can all work together to ensure the safety of our community.

There will also be facilitated opportunities during the day for students to process their reactions to the events and share strategies for dealing with difficult situations.

We appreciate the partnership of our families, students, and staff as we support the growth and development of all students. We will continue to keep you informed of our work to create a safe and challenging environment in which all of our students can learn and thrive.

James Memoli Jerrill Adams

Acting Superintendent Principal of Maplewood Middle School

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