Maplewood Police and Fire Maplewood Ranks 1st in Use of Force, Chief DeVaul Responds

The Star-Ledger/ Advance Media continues to publish reporting from “The Force Report” — an ongoing investigation into police use of force that includes a database of use-of-force reports filed between 2012 and 2016 across New Jersey (the incidents are self-reported by police officers).

Yesterday, NJ Advance Media published an article ranking the top 25 NJ police departments by percentage of arrests using force per arrest and inviting department chiefs to comment.

Maplewood came in No. 1 with 172 incidents of reported use of force with 1,549 reported arrests in the same period — or 11.1 percent of arrests using force. On average, NJ Advance Media found that force was used in just over 3 percent of all arrests across NJ during the period of data collection.

Maplewood Police Chief Jimmy DeVaul was one of 15 chiefs in the “top 25” towns who took the opportunity to comment on the rankings. DeVaul said that Maplewood PD’s numbers were high as compared to others due “to a strict interpretation of what constitutes force, which he believes is not in place elsewhere,” reported

“What we consider a ‘use of force’ in a situation is very simplistic,” DeVaul told “Did I have to touch you to make that arrest? And if the answer is ‘yes,’ you’re doing that report.”

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DeVaul also said, however, that he’s taking steps to reduce the amount of force used. Juveniles account for more than a fifth of Maplewood’s uses of force, annually. (Statewide, they make up about 6.8 percent of all reports). DeVaul said he is instructing officers not to handcuff a juvenile unless they plan to completely follow through with an arrest and formal charge.

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