CHS Welcomes 8th Graders and Parents for School Overview Dec. 2

by The Village Green
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Eighth graders and their parents are welcome to attend an overview of Columbia High School on Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. in the CHS auditorium.

From CHS Principal Elizabeth Aaron:

Parents and 8th Grade students will receive an overview of Columbia High School’s academic, athletic, and extracurricular program. and hear about how students’ hard work and good-decision making in 8th grade are the best pathways toward a successful 9th grade year.

Key steps on the road between 8th and 9th grade will be discussed, including scheduling decisions, transition planning for students with IEPs and 504s, and how to help students prepare for the added independence and responsibility they will take on each year as they grow into high school students. Please plan on attending and SITTING WITH YOUR STUDENT at this event. Students should not plan to sit with their friends at this event! This event is an important one for parents and students seated at together.

Columbia High School graduated 440+ students last year who entered 180+ two-and four-year schools, joined our Armed Forces, are doing internships, travel, and community service, or went straight into the workforce.

Our school is ranked in the top 4% of high schools nationally and in the top 10% in New Jersey based on our students’ and school’s statistics in such areas as the number of Advanced Placement AP courses offered, taken and passed, student-teacher ratio,  college acceptance rates, composite SAT scores,  and more.

Please be sure that you have bookmarked and check in regularly with our school page on the district website, It is the best way to stay current on news and information about our school.

We also work closely with our Columbia High School Home and School Association to communicate with parents and support of all our students and their families. You might consider joining now to stay on top of how to start supporting CHS.

We have two production TV programs running, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Our morning news crew’s announcements can be seen here each day – just check on the date to hear about what’s going on in the building:

But our afternoon TV crews raises the bar with its own YouTube channel. We recommend you check it regularly to see what’s happening in and around CHS and see some of our talent.

You can find our course catalog here -please find some time to take a look through it with your students to talk about the chances they have to pursue their interests and passions at CHS, and to learn more about courses they may not even know exist for high school students.

Should you and your student also want a daily dose of Cougar life, be sure to follow me or check my page on Twitter – I use my Twitter account to show off all the work we do in and around CHS to make sure every student feels challenged, nurtured, supported, and engaged every day here, and to help make sure all of our families can share in Cougar Pride.  Find me on Twitter @Cougarprincipal.

Finally, you might enjoy watching this film with your students.  Our TV news crews and teachers prepared it for this year’s 9th graders, who have done a beautiful job settling in and are already making their years at Columbia great. We will be ready to welcome you and your students as our Class of 2020, and we know they will be ready for us.


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