Columbia HS Students: Deadline to Request Course Level Change is Nov. 4

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The following is from CHS Principal Elizabeth Aaron:

Hello, CHS Families.

As we near the end of the marking period (November 4), please take time to talk with your students about how and why they are meeting with success in their courses at CHS this year, and whether their choices regarding academic course levels for this year have provided the right amount of challenge, support, and engagement.

Your child may have chosen to move up an academic level from last year to this one, and be finding success with the right amount of work at home, support and challenge in class, and access to resources and engagement in habits that may be helping them improve their performance overall such as using our academic labs, using study hall time for added homework and review, and engaging fully in class. We are proud of the many successes we are seeing in our students and classrooms at school every day and know there is still much work to do at our school to make sure every student is nurtured and growing toward college- and career-readiness.

If at this time you and your student choose to request to move to a lower level academic course (the only time of the year to do so, to ensure continuity of content learning and support), please work together to fill out this form, be sure to sign it, and have your student return it to one of our secretaries in the guidance department as directed on the form.

As our school works to implement the Academic Access and Equity policy adopted by our Board of Education last year, please know at CHS we are committed to making sure we provide all supports to our students and that we work together as parents, guardians, teachers, counselors, and administrators to support each of our learners.

Important information and details are included on the form.

Download (PDF, 62KB)

Thank you,

Elizabeth Aaron

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